Katherine Hayles and Bernard Stiegler
Debate – Digital Studies: The emergence of a paradigm for the humanities
Tuesday, 20 January, 19.00-21.00
Debating Chamber, Palace Green, Durham University

Bernard Stiegler and Katherine Hayles are two pioneers of the idea that the humanities, and the university in general, must be reinvented around the study of technology. They have nonetheless been critical of one another’s work, being notably split over the question of the extent to which the digital age has brought about a fundamental reorganisation of both culture and the brain. Stiegler is more sceptical, voicing deep anxiety over the relationship between technologies of consumerism and society’s increasing short-termism and lack of attention, though Hayles is wary of generalising these conclusions. This debate will aim to home in on their points of divergence, while also setting out the stakes of a paradigm-shift that has dramatic consequences for the future of the university.

This will be the inaugural event for the new Durham node Digital Studies research group.

Presented by the Institute of Advanced Study Emergent Experience programme. Co-sponsored by CHI, Digital Studies and DHDurham. Further information: Professor Nicholas Saul


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