We are delighted to announce the formal establishment of the Association for Psychosocial Studies (APS). The APS has emerged from the Psychosocial Studies Network, which was founded in 2008 and which has since organised annual conferences and a number of other seminars and events, and has hosted a lively JISC mail list, serving to build links between researchers, teachers, practitioners and students in Psychosocial Studies. The new Association marks a major moment in the development of our nascent field, and we are very pleased to have secured recognition as a Learned Society by the Academy of the Social Sciences (AcSS). This will enable us to engage in debates about the future of the social sciences nationally, and to seek a “place at the table” in the formulation of research policy. The APS is also registered as a Charitable Trust.

We would now like to invite you to become a member of the Association, and to support its work in building the field of Psychosocial Studies in the UK and beyond. We hope that you will consider becoming a Founding Member of the APS, contributing twice the annual subscription in the first year. We need to cover the costs that we have incurred thus far, and to build up funds to allow us to develop our website and other activities. Founding Members will be named in perpetuity on the APS website. All Members will receive advanced notification of APS conferences and events, will have access to a Members’ section of the APS website, and will have discounted rates for APS conferences and events.

We also ask you to pass on information about membership to interested colleagues and students, and to talk to your Head of Department, Research Centre Director or other fund-holding colleagues about Founding Sponsorship. We are seeking institutional sponsorship from all institutions with an interest in Psychosocial Studies, and we are offering the honorary title of Founding Sponsor to institutions/ departments/ research centres/ organisations that contribute £300 or more to the Association during our first year. We are asking for donations of £2000 from institutions that have a particular investment in Psychosocial Studies.

To conclude, we hope very much that you will join the APS and be part of the project of developing our exciting field of study. Please download the Association for Psychosocial Studies membership form October 2013 for further information about how to join, along with membership fees and a standing order form.

The Association for Psychosocial Studies Interim Steering Committee: Sasha Roseneil (Chair and Trustee), Tom Wengraf (Membership Secretary and Trustee), Elizabeth Frost (Trustee), David Jones (Communications Officer), John Adlam, Tamara Bibby, Lynn Froggett, Rex Haigh, Luis Jiminez, Helen Lucey, Peter Redman, Chris Scanlon, Julie Walsh.


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