Carnival 2011 Roots and WingsCarnival 2011, a part of the Roots and Wings project, is now in its eighth year. It is a parade, a festival, a performance, and a celebration of the transition from primary school to high school centred on the metaphor of flying towards a new future. This year, the children have co-authored a blog documenting their experiences through images, words and videos. It is a truly inspirational site – a chance for outsiders to get an insight into the creative process and to participate in the carnival atmosphere leading up to the big parade. To see for yourself the powerful role of the arts in creating new traditions, and supporting individual and collective flourishing, look no further than the students of Chickenley.

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R-JAM investigations · July 19, 2011 at 11:37 am

Hello, we are students from Teesdale School. Fantastic lantern display, we are hoping to have our own sometime soon.

-Maddie from R-Jam Investigations.

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