INNOVIA was established as a non-profit Foundation in the Netherlands in October 2000.
Its objective is to facilitate a socially optimal development and deployment of new health care technology through multidisciplinary studies and related activities which focus in particular on the individual and collective experiences, concerns and aspirations of end users.

The latest issue of the Innovia newsletter has just been published with the following invitation to readers: “We want the Newsletter to be a forum for the exchange of experiences: the experiences of researchers in collaborating with patient organisations and of patient organisations in collaborating with researchers. What makes such a collaboration beneficial to both partners, and what problems might arise? We want to draw readers’ attention to developments in policy or practice, in one country or another, that might have broader interest or relevance. We want to inform readers from a wide range of backgrounds about new research that might otherwise only be known locally, or within a specialist academic community. And finally, of course, we want to tell you about what Innovia itself is trying to do.” Continue reading the Innovia Newsletter or visit their web site.


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