Illness begins with “I”
Jac Saorsa
The Broadway Drawing school Gallery, Cardiff
24th Oct. – 2nd Nov. 2014

© Jac Saorsa 2014

© Jac Saorsa 2014

Illness begins with “I” is about visualising the experience of illness through a creative act of witness – the ‘art of witness’. These are ‘portraits’ of the individual experience of levels of ‘dis-ease’ that can become so much a part of being itself that the discomfort is rarely contained within physical, mental or even spiritual boundaries. The experience can be chronic or acute, it can traverse a scale from devastation to mild irritation, but most importantly it is uniquely subjective, allied irrevocably to Self. This exhibition seeks to reinstate the voice of the individual caught between Kingdoms. Illness begins with ‘I’.




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