Speaker: Agustín Fuentes (Notre Dame)

For hundreds of thousands of years humans have been shaping and managing the world, and recently we’re doing it with increasing speed, influence, and zeal. But we have never been alone in the process. Humans and other species share deep evolutionary and ecological entanglements. We also share diseases.  From the emergence of HIVs to the recent explosions of Ebola, avian influenzas and west Nile virus, from the current swapping of retroviruses to the many millennia of malarial and mycobacterial exchanges, our personal and pathogen histories are intertwined with those of certain other animals.  These interweavings shape and are shaped by our mutual health, our behavior, histories, and ecologies.  Effective insight into multispecies processes must come from ethnographic, evolutionary and ecological analyses, and can produce outcomes applicable to public health, conservation, and urban planning. In this presentation we’ll take a brief foray across time and place, cultures and bodies, and see how humans shape and are shaped by our profound immersion in a multispecies milieu.

Located: 4.15pm Palatine Building, Room 054

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