logox2On Friday 4th September Hubbub, a Durham University–led research project funded by The Wellcome Trust, will take over the Wellcome Collection building in London for a Friday Late Spectacular of talks, installations, workshops and performances exploring rest, noise, tumult, activity and work. We warmly welcome any of our colleagues who are in London on the evening of 4th September to join us as the activity unfolds between 19:00 and 23:00.

Hubbub is an international team of social scientists, scientists, humanities researchers, artists, broadcasters, mental health experts and public engagement professionals, exploring the dynamics of rest, noise, tumult, activity and work, as they operate in mental health, neuroscience, the arts and the everyday. The group is based in London as the first residents of The Hub at Wellcome Collection from October 2014 to July 2016.

Durham geographer and social scientist Dr Felicity Callard is Principal Investigator for the group. The Late has been curated by Dr James Wilkes, poet and Senior Researcher with the Department of Geography. Please direct any questions to Hubbub’s Project Coordinator and producer of the Late, Kimberley Staines, also of the Geography Department.

Hubbub – Friday Late Spectacular at Wellcome Collection Friday 4 September, 19.00-23.00
Join us to explore noise, tumult, rest and relaxation

What does ‘rest’ mean to you? Join the Hubbub team to investigate rest and its opposites: from daydreaming and the problem with work to doodling, fidgeting and lullabies. Catch a talk on the latest discoveries about what your brain’s up to when you’re doing nothing, or experience a live stream of sound from around Heathrow airport. From a documentary about an ape retirement home, to a workshop where you can try out historical relaxation techniques, this is an evening that will transform how you understand rest.

This event is free, just drop in. Bigger activities will be free but ticketed, with tickets available on the night. Featured talks and activities include:

  • Fantasy and Fiction A talk with social scientist Felicity Callard and poet James Wilkes
  • Free Time and Mindwandering A talk with psychologists and authors Claudia Hammond and Charles Fernyhough
  • Mapping Rest A talk with neuroscientist Daniel Margulies and anthropologist Josh Berson
  • Hear contemporary lullabies Explore a sound installation and add your creation to the collection
  • See new technology designed to map alertness and environment through self-tracking
  • Experience relaxation and cacophony with a brand new audio piece from radio collective In The Dark
  • Join the debate What’s wrong with work? We want to hear your thoughts…
  • Put rest to the test and investigate scientific methods used to measure rest and its opposites

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