A message from Abi McNiven to all postgraduates interested in the medical humanities:

The next meeting of the Centre for Medical Humanities Postgraduate Group is on January 19th 2012, 10am-12noon, in the G Committee Room (Trevelyan College). Biscuits, tea and coffee will be provided.

My suggestion is to start off the new term by getting a firmer grasp on the finer details of what to do with this group. In our first meeting, we had MANY ideas – but I think setting a realistic and achievable agenda for the next few meetings might ensure we use the sessions to their full capacity.

To enable this decision making, I would like us to consider further the questions of ‘HOW and WHY exactly does the term ‘medical humanities’ matter to us?’. The suggested readings for this session are articles by Campo (2005) and Pattison (2003).

All interested postgraduates are welcome, but please let me know as soon as possible whether you plan to attend so that we can ensure enough catering.


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