TMU Language and Culture Forum 2012: Health and Illness in Culture

Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

Friday, December 21, 2012

The “TMU Language and Culture Forum 2012: Health and Illness in Culture”
invites a wide variety of topics related to representations of health and
narratives in culture. Interdisciplinary proposals representing humanities
and the arts (e.g., literature, history, film, visual arts) or social
sciences (e.g., anthropology, cultural studies, sociology) or medical
related fields (e.g., public health, nursing, medicine, pharmarcy)
perspectives through historical or contemporary contexts are welcome. This
one-day conference emphasizes the pursuit of understanding of health and
illness and the exploration of the social and cultural contexts in which
we all live in.

Subject areas might include but are not limited to:

-Stories of illness from patient and health practitioner perspectives in
novels, short stories, memoirs, graphic novels, etc., discussed in larger
sociocultural (ethnicity, race, gender, class), and political (health care
system) contexts;

-Historical and contemporary narratives of illness in films; TV comedy,
drama, reality programming; advertising; marketing; news media; web and
social media;

-Historical and contemporary representations of stigmas of illness in
popular culture genres; representation and misrepresentation in health
professional education and practice;

-Disability narratives in literature, history, popular culture;

-Representations of health institutions or health practitioners in
historical and contemporary perspectives;

-Health care reform discourse (e.g., public debate over national health
insurance in electoral politics, disability rights “patient-centered”
health care, medical homes, health care access, health disparities,
electronic medical records);

-Pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical industry (e.g., drug/prescription/OTC
use, misuse, popular perceptions, promotion and marketing; pharmaceuticals
and meanings of illness and wellness; drug development or regulation;
clinical trials);

-Historical and contemporary perspectives on public health “threats”;

-Historical and contemporary representations of promotion of health
through such strategies as diet, exercise, personal or domestic hygiene,
positive psychology;

-Historical and contemporary narratives of epidemics, pandemics, emerging
and re-emerging diseases;

-Cultural representations of aging, forgetting, obesity, smoking,
addictions, antibiotic resistance, radiation, cancer, life science, and
general medical issues.

-Reflections on life, bio-life, biopolitics, post genomic life, posthuman
and cloned lives.

Contributions from interdisciplinary and single disciplines are
welcome. Individual or full panel proposals are considered.

Please email your 250-word proposal and a CV to Chung-jen Chen
by 15 July 2012.

Proposals for complete panels with three related presentations are also
welcome. Please feel free to email with enquiries.


Graduate Institute of Humanities in Medicine, TMU
College of Liberal Arts, TMU


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