Mike White, Senior Research Fellow in Arts and Health in the Centre for Medical Humanities at Durham University, writes: Check out this blog post summary of the Bristol arts and health conference from Clive Parkinson at MMU.  Oh my, did we cross-fertilise one another! [Can I say that?!] My only addition to all this is that Lord Howarth referred in his speech to the need for “a new politics of healing”, which sounds like a rainbow alliance of arts, health and citizenship.

Other must mentions…congratulations to Anni Raw for an inspirational presentation on her Ph.D thesis which so clearly chimed with the experience of all the arts and health practitioners in the room. And second, that our Critical Mass meeting continues to resonate – the next one will be at the Arts and Health Australia conference in Sydney in November and there is great interest in having one at the USA Society for Arts in Healthcare conference in Houston next April.


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