As part of the Conference of Irish Geographers, and as a collaboration between the Space and Place Research Collaborative and Galway Dance Days, we are hosting a series of performances, workshops, and discussions across the fields of geography, art and dance, and interrogating various creative and embodied research practices.

Session themes include ‘Place-Based Artistic Work’, ‘Performance Communities’, ‘Spatial Explorations’, ‘Embodied Landscapes’, ‘Curating Place’, ‘Spatial Aesthetics’, ‘Socially-Ecologically Engaged Creative Research Practices’, ‘Urban Environments and Creative Practice’, ‘Memory Work’ and ‘Interrogating Dublin’.

Urban-based and movement workshops are led by artists and practitioners. Special highlights are performances by La Veronal, Elena Gionnatti, Fitzgerald&Stapleton, The Bahh Band and Olwen Fouéré.

The programme may be accessed here. If you are interested in attending any part of this programme you should contact Professor Gerry Kearns.

Karen Till, Gerry Kearns, Rionach Ní Néill (Galway Dancer in Residence)


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