British Council/FAPESP Researcher Links Workshop 9-13 February 2015, University of São Paulo, Brazil

This is a unique, funded opportunity for health care researchers from the UK and Brazil to meet and work together. Over four days at the School of Nursing, University of São Paulo, Brazil, a selected group of early career researchers will learn about novel methodological approaches, build new collaborations, and begin the process of developing joint research projects. Early career researchers is defined as within 10 years of the award of PhD, though eligibility for healthcare professionals may be more flexible.

The focus of the workshop will be health care associated infections, and the main methodological approach will be qualitative research – both broadly conceived of. The format will be a small number of lead lectures by experts in the fields from Brazil and the UK, but the majority of the time will be for the participants to work together on building collaborations and developing new research projects. All of the group activities will be facilitated by an experienced group of researchers.

A detailed schedule will be provided for participants. However the format of the workshop will involve:

  • Brief introductions from all of the participants about their research
  • Introduction to methodological and research issues in the field from the facilitators
  • Time for networking for participants
  • Development of ‘first draft’ research project proposals and collaborative teams
  • Initial feedback from facilitators on draft proposals
  • Further development of proposals, and identification of possible funding streams

The workshop will run all day (typically 0900 to 1700 with a break for lunch) on 9-12 February. There will be some time allocated on the morning of the 13 February for final meetings. It is anticipated that UK participants will be in Brazil from 8-13 February.

The workshop has been funded by the British Council, and the Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo (FAPESP). UK participants will receive return flights to São Paulo and a per diem allowance to cover hotel and living expenses while in Brazil. Participants may need to meet some modest costs themselves (e.g. travel insurance).

Please contact Stephen Timmons for more information and an application form.

Coordinators: UK: Dr. Stephen Timmons, Centre for Health Innovation, Leadership and Learning, University Of Nottingham. Brazil: Dr. Maria Clara Padoveze, School of Nursing, University of São Paulo.


Professor Judith Tanner, School of Nursing, University Of Nottingham; Professor Brian Brown, School of Health Sciences, De Montfort University; Dr. Rosely Moralez de Figueiredo, School of Nursing, Federal University of São Carlos; Dr. Julia Yaeko Kawagoe, Hospital Albert Einstein, São Paulo


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