The Centre for Medical Humanities (CMH) is delighted to announce that first two-year £1m residency of The Hub at Wellcome Collection will be led by Dr Felicity Callard (Senior Lecturer in CMH and the Department of Geography), with Prof Charles Fernyhough (CMH Affiliate) as one of the core team (along with Claudia Hammond, Dr Daniel Margulies and Dr James Wilkes). Their project focuses on rest and busyness – in mental health, neuroscience, the arts and the everyday.

The Wellcome Trust’s press release is here, and more information about the core team and the team of nearly 40 collaborators (who include CMH members Dr Angela Woods and Dr Jenny Laws, and CMH Affiliate Dr Paul Harrison) is here.

The Guardian published a Comment article by Felicity on the brain and mind ‘at rest’ (entitled ‘Don’t stop daydreaming – it sets your mind to work’) to accompany the press release of the Hub.

The development of the team’s proposal was nourished and funded by a joint Durham CMH/Institute of Advanced Study (IAS) Workshop on ‘States of Rest’ during the IAS ‘Time’ theme, which featured speakers Felicity Callard, Paul Harrison, Jenny Laws and Daniel Margulies (and was co-designed and chaired by Angela Woods).


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