Theoretical Topographies of Physical Disability: Feminist and Disability Theories

Dr Minae Inahara, University of Hull
Wednesday 8th December 2010, 2-4pm
Room 010, Geography Department
This seminar has unfortunately been postponed. Organisers are working on rescheduling this seminar in the new year, using videoconferencing installations. Further details will be posted here in Jaunary 2011.

In this paper, Dr Inahara will argue that Judith Butler and Elizabeth Grosz, both thinkers concerned with the relationship between the body and the social space, are theorising solely about the able body.  Dr Inahara will then turn to the embodied experiences unique to disabled people, laying the groundwork for possible theories of embodiment that can adequately account for disabled bodies. The seminar is chaired by CMH affiliate Dr Rachel Colls.


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