From the 17th to 20th of November 2016 the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research and the Life of Breath project will bring together researchers, artists and members of the public to debate and explore University of Bristol research on the experience of being human; in particular pain and breathlessness.

The weekend-long Feel It Festival will see pain, in all its forms, explored through performing arts, debated in talks and panels and discussed in creative workshops where participants and members of the audience will have the chance to probe, question and feed into the University of Bristol research being carried out into human pain and breathlessness.

Get Involved

We are currently pulling together a programme based on applications from University of Bristol researchers and reasearchers will find out shortly whether there applications have been successful.

What is pain and why breathlessness? 

Pain is a prevalent part of human experience but it is defined in many different ways. Our understanding of pain includes the breadth of experiences from physical pain to feelings of distress. The impacts may be short or long term; they may be positive or negative; they may vary according to age, experience and culture; and they may affect behaviour, cognition, spiritual beliefs and the physical body.

Breathlessness, one of the key areas identified to be explored through the festival, is not usually experienced as “painful” but it does cause severe distress and discomfort and changes the life of the person experiencing it. Does it count as pain? How would you define pain? We are interested in all of the many ways of describing these experiences.

Further information

If you would like more information on the festival and how to get involved please contact Public Engagement Associate in Health Sciences Georgia Bladon.

This project is a collaboration between the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research, the Life of Breath project and the Centre for Public Engagement and is made possible through the generous support of the Wellcome Trust.


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