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Experiences of Ageing
Drawings by Lucy Lyons
Medical Museion, Copenhagen,  April 27th – October 21st 2012

Friday April 27th 2012 Exhibition opening 4-6pm
MUSE seminar with Lucy Lyons 3-4pm (in English)
Thursday 26th April Artists’ workshop 7-9 pm

Ageing is not a disease. It is a natural occurrence that is often ignored. Elements of ageing are so commonplace they are not thought to be interesting or have aesthetic value. They almost become invisible.

The exhibition Experiences of ageing presents drawings and objects from a 2-year postdoctoral research fellowship undertaken at Medical Museion by Lucy Lyons. Lucy uses drawing as a method for gaining understanding of unfamiliar objects and to develop greater insight into the familiar – in this case the sometimes overlooked everyday aspects of ageing.

Look Again… Exploring Medical Objects Through Art
Medical Museion, Copenhagen
Thursday April 26th, 7-9pm
Artists: Lucy Lyons, Mette Bersang, and Joanna Sperryn Jones
Tickets: 50 kr, on sale at Politiken Billet, includes a drink.

In our everyday lives we are surrounded by hundreds of medical objects, from pill bottles to crutches, from pacemakers to bandages. These objects shape our lives, but they often disappear into the background. In this interactive event we invite you to join artists in using drawing, photography, and other lenses to look again – to uncover the beauty of everyday medical things. The hands-on workshop will be followed by a discussion with the artists, over some beautiful refreshments.

This event accompanies a new exhibition at Medical Museion displaying artist and researcher Lucy Lyon’s explorations of experiences of ageing and the overlooked aesthetics of the devices that support us as we age; rollators, walking sticks, false teeth, hip replacements, hearing aids… Photos and drawings from the event will be added to the exhibition’s online gallery.

Lucy Lyons: BA (Hons), MA, PhD, MMAA, RMIP. I am a London based artist and researcher. I have been engaged in artistic research since 2004 during which time I have investigated how the role of drawing as a phenomenological activity that evidences experience, can lead to greater insight and communicate knowledge within medical science. I was a tutor in fine art painting and drawing research for eight years at City & Guilds of London Art School and Postdoctoral fellow at Medical Museion, Faculty of Health Sciences, Center for Healthy Aging at University of Copenhagen where I ran investigation workshops for my research project ‘Now I see it!’ and conceived and organised the Sensuous Object two-day workshop in September 2011. I am currently actively involved with the Artistic Research group in Nordiskt Sommeruniversitet.

Joanna Sperryn Jones: I am near completing a PhD in sculpture at Norwich University College of the Arts and I coordinate the Sculpture Department for City Lit, London.
Through processes of making and breaking in sculpture and writing I explore experiences and perceptions of breaking. My research simultaneously explores and draws parallels between personal experiences in life, such as breaking bones, with those of making/breaking sculpture, Derrida’s concept of the break and breaking as a methodology.

Mette Bersang: MA, Visual Culture, University of Copenhagen, 2007. BA (hons.) Photography, The Arts Institute at Bournemouth, England, 2003. My main interest is the photographic space and the overlooked inbetween spaces of our homes as well as public spaces. My projects are motivated by the idea of making a cut in the surface of the photograph, and play on the notion that such a photographic cut can also cut open our everyday space. My works often border on the absolutely abstract, but I leave parts of everyday objects such as a tree, a table, or a radiator sticking into the photographs, as an element of reality for the viewer to relate to and to make the space recognizable.


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