Information provided by the Research Centre for Museums and Galleries.

Since humans first appeared on Earth, no two have ever been the same. Yet somewhere along the way, certain bodies and minds came to be highly valued whilst others became viewed as problematic; as deviant and unruly, deficient and requiring adjustment towards a perceived idealised norm.

Initiated and led by the Research Centre for Museums and Galleries (RCMG) at the University of Leicester, Exceptional & Extraordinary brings together four artists and eight museums in a unique collaboration with an ambitious goal; to stimulate debate around our problematic attitudes towards difference and the implications of a society that values some lives more than others.

The presentation of each of the thought-provoking new artist commissions arising from the project will be followed by a short post-show discussion with invited speakers. The promotional flyer offers further information about the venues and how to book tickets.

Exceptional & Extraordinary has been made possible with support from the Wellcome Trust and Arts Council England.


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