live-music-interventionsLive Music Now and the Royal Society of Medicine invite you to their second joint conference. This all-day event will explore the topic of music interventions in medicine, further to increased research scrutiny into arts and music activities for children with learning disabilities.

Music is a source of stimulation and of reflection for everyone and for all time. The use of music to soothe a troubled mind reaches back into the distant past: David the shepherd played his harp to calm the moody King Saul. In modern times, music is provided to children affected by a range of conditions such as autism or chronic neurological disorders – but do we have the evidence of benefit which stands scrutiny?

The aim of this conference is to examine the current evidence for the value and impact of music intervention, especially live music, on health and morbidity in children with learning disabilities.

The event will take place 9.30 – 5pm on Monday 28th November at the Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London W1G 0AE. Further information, including full programme and registration details, can be found on the event website


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