Volume 32.3 of the Journal of Medical Humanities is now available.

Dis-ease or Disease? Ontological Rarefaction in the Medical-Industrial Complex, S. Scott Graham:

Recent scholarship in medical humanities has expressed strong concern over the ability of pharmaceuticals companies to medicalize discomfort and subsequently invent diseases. In this article, I explore the clinical debates over the ontology of the sinus headache as a possible counter-case. Extending Foucault’s concept of principles or rarefaction, this paper documents the efforts of clinicians to resist the pharmaceutically-provided understanding of the sinus headache. In so doing, it offers institutions of rarefaction and rarefactive assemblages as useful heuristics for the exploration of disease legitimization discourse.

Hearing Bad News, Janice Morse

Pain and its Metaphors: A Dialogical Approach, Stephen Loftus

How Music-Inspired Weeping Can Help Terminally Ill Patients, Kay Norton

For There is Work to be Done: Poetry and Commentary, Jonathan Reisman, Stacy Nigliazzo, Sarah Buckley, Ryan Childers & Audrey Shafer


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