Professor Felicity Callard

Professor Felicity Callard

The Centre for Medical Humanities is delighted to announce Felicity Callard’s promotion to Chair of Social Science for Medical Humanities at Durham University.

Felicity is an interdisciplinary researcher who also engages with policy and advocacy in relation to mental health. Working at the intersection of the humanities, the social sciences and the life sciences, she has broad interests in the history of twentieth- and twenty-first psychiatry, cognitive neuroscience, psychology and psychoanalysis.

Felicity is currently Director of Hubbub, the first residency of the Hub at Wellcome Collection, and holds a major Volkswagen grant pursuing interdisciplinary experiments in self-generated thought. Working at the forefront of critical medical humanities approaches to the study of human experience, her latest book, co-authored with Dr Des Fitzgerald, is Rethinking Interdisciplinarity across the Social Sciences and Neurosciences.

The Centre for Medical Humanities joins Felicity’s many colleagues and collaborators in congratulating her on her professorship: a recognition of her amazing achievements in so many different disciplines; of her powerful advocacy; and of her outstanding academic leadership.

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