Common Knowledge is a workforce development programme in arts in health for people working in NHS, local government, arts, education and voluntary sector services. Common Knowledge assists innovative joint working between these services to give substance to the concept of ‘The Big Society’ in respect of addressing local public health needs.  A series of learning events explore how engagement in participatory arts can improve both individual and community well-being with the aim of giving participants the confidence to try out new ways of working.  The intended outcome is to build skills and confidence in exploring how different professional collaborations can implement arts-based solutions to mental health promotion challenges. Common Knowledge programmes are currently underway in Gateshead (with child/community health focus) and South Tyneside (with emotional well-being focus).  CMH is supporting Common Knowledge participants on  pilot projects development from 2010 with an aim to extend Common Knowledge to other boroughs from 2011. Click here to download additional reports.


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