Teesdale high school in Barnard Castle and Creative Partnerships (Co. Durham) invited CMH to mentor the development in 2010/11 of an artists-led unit in the school that is to support the emotional well-being of pupils deemed to be ‘at risk’. Potential is identified for this project to extend into both school workforce training and community development, and it could significantly inform research and practice in a cluster of North East schools with whom CMH is engaged.   The unique factors informing this work are that Teesdale School has a vast rural catchment area and its pupils come from very diverse, sometimes isolated, backgrounds.  The staff thinks there is a need to invigorate a sense of the ‘school community’ and forge identity and belonging for staff, pupils and their families.  Desired outcomes are for more inter-agency working within the school, the development of transition events, and in extra-mural activity under an ‘extended school’ concept.


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