Conference Review

Empathy and memory in theology and literature! (Affiliates’ meeting, Friday 25th February 2011)

Two memorable presentations from Anastasia Scrutton (compassion, empathy and the intellect) and Simon James (narrative, memory and Dickens) provided a splendid opportunity to see how two apparently loosely-connected enquiries can converge fruitfully in a free-wheeling discussion. (Corinne Saunders, chairing, was absolutely right to insist that we hear both presentations first Read more…


50 Best Blogs for Humanities Scholars

The OEDb (Online Education Database) have just published a list of the 50 best blogs for Humanities Scholars. It is a fantastic resource for aspiring and established scholars alike, and a real reminder of the growing role of the blogsphere in not just showcasing but also furthering discussion across humanities Read more…

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