Dis-ease, Bad News, Pain, Weeping and Work: Volume 32.3 of the Journal of Medical Humanities out now

Volume 32.3 of the Journal of Medical Humanities is now available. Dis-ease or Disease? Ontological Rarefaction in the Medical-Industrial Complex, S. Scott Graham: Recent scholarship in medical humanities has expressed strong concern over the ability of pharmaceuticals companies to medicalize discomfort and subsequently invent diseases. In this article, I explore Read more…


Association for Medical Humanities Spring Newsletter

Building the momentum for the eigth Annual Association for Medical Humanities Conference coming up in July, the Association for Medical Humanities Spring 2011 Newsletter is now available. Keep up with the medical humanities conversation by subscribing to this blog or [twitter-follow screen_name=’mdiclhumanities’]


Medical Humanities in Australia

The Centre for Medical Humanities in Sydney has just published its January 2011 Newsletter, February 2011 Newsletter, and March 2011 Newsletter. The Centre, run by the marvellous Dr Claire Hooker, a specialist in the history of health and medicine as well as the medical humanities, plays a central role in Read more…

Centre for Medical Humanities