The ERC BodyCapital research group is pleased to launch a call for applications for Student and Junior Scholar travel grants to the upcoming conference: “The healthy self as body capital. Individuals, market-based societies and body politics in visual twentieth century Europe”.

The health perceptions and practices of individuals changed tremendously during a twentieth century in Europe characterized by an extension of body and health improvement techniques and products supported by a flood of transnationally circulating visuals and the advent of a media society. Bodily health has evolved as a new form of capital (Bourdieu 1979) conceptualized as a form of symbolic capital that can be transformed into economic capital.

BodyCapital, led by Christian Bonah (Strasbourg University) and Anja Laukötter (MPIHD Berlin) will research this understanding and history of body capital by focusing on the history of visual mass media (film, TV, Internet) and inédits (amateur, family and private visuals) throughout the 20th Century in Europe and beyond.

The travel grants are intended to support students and junior scholars interested in health and visual culture in the twentieth century wishing to attend BodyCapital’s opening conference, on 23-25 February 2017 in Strasbourg, France. The candidates will be invited to extend the conference with a workshop on 27 February 2017. Candidates should hold a masters or doctorate degree in history, history of science, history of medicine, history of film, visual studies, film studies or related field. Please send a CV (with publication list) and a cover letter stating your interest in the ERC BodyCapital project and in attending the conference to Tricia Close-Koenig. Deadline for applications is 30 November 2016.

For details on the ERC BodyCapital project or for further information on this CfA, contact Tricia Close-Koenig or Christian Bonah.


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