cropped-lowryancoatswaitingroom-whitworthartgallery2Hand sanitizer dispensers, medicine bottles, surgical knives, bionic eyes: from the mundane and simple to the rarified and high-tech, objects mediate and condition our encounters with medicine, health and illness.  How, this workshop asks, can those working in medical humanities engage productively with objects to gain insights into medical care and health experience?  What can objects show or tell us that texts do not?

This workshop brings together scholars, artists, and museum professionals to address these questions.  In three themed sessions combining presentation and discussion, we intend to explore the analytical, creative, and pedagogical possibilities that a focus on objects offers us.

This Medical Humanities Laboratory workshop at the University of Manchester takes place from 10:30 am – 4:30 pm  on Tuesday 6 September 2016, Whitworth Art Gallery. Full details of the day’s programme can be found here. Attendance is free, but please register.

For any further more information, please contact Marion Endt-Jones.




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