The final evaluation and report for the film Blood Makes Noise is now online here where you can also watch the full film for free online if you haven’t seen it yet.

Blood Makes Noise is a film-based art and science project about renal failure, dialysis, diet and transplant. The project sheds light on the extraordinary world of organ donation, dialysis, plasma exchange and transplant, but ultimately it is about love, generosity and family. Over a year Peter Snelling, a film maker and artist, worked with five people at Dorset County Hospital who have had renal failure to create a remarkable film, book and blog. The film launched last year and has already been experienced by nearly 5,000 people connected with renal failure.

Anna Ledgard, the report’s author, describes Blood Makes Noise as “an authentic film which will build understanding in the wider community as well as providing inspiration to others about living positively with renal illness”. Overall she describes a strong collaborative relationships between hospital staff and the artist; a high quality of patient engagement with artist; an increased sense of community on the renal ward; positive responses and feedback to the film from general public and clinicians; the realisation of plans to use the film as a teaching resource; the involvement of a food producer with renal patients and their families; the production of renal friendly recipe book for wider use and evidence of improved dietary management resulting in better phosphate results within the target group. The project was funded by the Wellcome Trust and the British Kidney Patient Association.

Direct link to the report is available here.


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