IAS Fellow’s Public Lecture – Beastly Anthropology: working in human-animal worlds – Professor Garry Marvin (University of Roehampton)

Tuesday 03 February 2015, 17:30 to 18:30, Ustinov Room, Van Mildert College, Durham University

In keeping with the IAS theme of ‘emergence’, in this talk Professor Garry Marvin  will consider the emergence of the inter/multi or perhaps meta-disciplinary field of Human-Animal Studies. In recent years, through conversations between scholars, mainly in the humanities and social sciences, the relationships between humans and other animals have been brought from the margins of academic interest to new places of focus and interest. Animals have always been significant in the lives of humans and it could be argued that human societies and cultures have been built on, and with, animal lives. In the talk Professor Marvin will consider this emergence of Human-Animal Studies and what we might learn about human worlds when we pay attention to the mutually co-constituting relationships between people and other animals. In particular, and drawing on his research in the worlds of the Spanish bullfight, English foxhunting and other recreational hunting, Professor Marvin will offer some thoughts about what ethnographically-based anthropology contributes to this emergent field.

See: Professor Garry Marvin
Directions to Van Mildert College

Map – Van Mildert College is denoted as building No: 4
Contact enquiries.ias@durham.ac.uk for more information about this event.


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