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The Default Mode Network in Aesthetics & Creativity (Neuroscience Symposium, New York City, 6–7 February 2014)

  Thursday–Friday, February 6–7, 2014 The Default Mode Network in Aesthetics and Creativity: Neuroscience Symposium The Italian Academy, Columbia University Free and open to the public. Space is limited; please reserve seats Keynote speech by Marcus Raichle (Washington U. School of Medicine). With Randy Buckner (Harvard), Felicity Callard (Durham U.), Maurizio Corbetta (Washington U. School of Medicine), Rex Jung (U. of New Read more…

CMH Publications

The letter to the scientific/medical editor: a neglected genre within medical humanities?

This month’s (August’s) edition of the British Journal of Psychiatry features an editorial entitled, “Antipsychotics: is it time to introduce patient choice?”.  The authors (Anthony P Morrison, Paul Hutton, David Shiers and Douglas Turkington) make an important and provocative argument (given the journal in which their editorial appears – which is not Read more…

CMH Publications

Medical humanities & cognitive neuroscience: transdisciplinary openings & endeavours

Jonathan Smallwood’s, Daniel S Margulies’ and my article “Default positions: how neuroscience’s historical legacy has hampered investigation of the resting mind”, is just out in the Open Access journal Frontiers in Psychology.  It comprises a collaboration between a psychologist, a cognitive neuroscientist and a medical humanities scholar. In this perspective piece, the Read more…

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