“A Government-sponsored consultation seeking to identify the factors that influence national wellbeing makes no explicit mention of the arts or creativity, suggesting that cultural activity could be excluded from future statistical measures of quality of life. The consultation aims to clarify those factors that have a major impact on individual wellbeing, and six categories (described as ‘domains’) are proposed as forming the framework for measuring national wellbeing – our relationships, health, what we do, where we live, personal finance, and education and skills. Yet under none of these categories is there specific recognition of the contribution that involvement in the arts or creative activity, or access to the country’s cultural or heritage infrastructure, can make to individual wellbeing.” Read the full article on the Arts Professional Web Site. Download the consultation document at www.bit.ly/saqsrB, and the consultation form at www.bit.ly/tiiy8M Respond online at www.surveymonkey.com/s/QCRY8HS by January 23.


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