Mike White writes: In June, the Centre for Medical Humanities is convening a ‘critical mass’ meeting in Durham of its international partners in community-based arts in health.  Leading practitioners and researchers in this field are coming from United States, Australia, South Africa and Ireland to reflect on shared issues in applying arts practice  to healthcare and medicine and to explore how meaningful international research collaborations can be developed that also involve local communities.  The event is supported by Wellcome Trust and Arts Council England and, after a programme of focussed discussion in Durham, consultative forums with North of England organisations delivering arts in health work are to be held in South Shields (27 June) and Manchester (30 June).  There will be a full blog account later of the ‘critical mass’ gathering, the regional forums and follow-up events.

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Critical Mass Arts in Health Gathering – images of some initial thoughts | Centre for Medical Humanities Blog · June 25, 2011 at 12:28 pm

[…] day one of the Arts in Health Critical Mass meeting in Durham. Ideas are fizzing, energy is circulating, and there is a growing sense that clear plans for action […]

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