Arts Development in Community Health

Mike White writes: I want to give a shameless plug for my book Arts Development in Community Health: A Social Tonic, (2009) Radcliffe Publishing, £24.99. It is available from the publishers and through Amazon.  Please buy a copy, everybody else has except you…

This is what the Journal of Applied Arts & Health (1:3 Dec. 2010) said about it: “This book is without doubt our new ‘set book’ for the work…the first book that contextualises the Arts & Health agenda, especially in relation to community or participatory arts…essential reading for Arts & Health practitioners, especially those who are seeking to evaluate their work as it is replete with examples of models and frameworks for evaluation”.

The Journal of Arts and Communities (1:2 2009) says “This is an excellent book. The focus is upon emergence from participatory arts, structured in nine discrete chapters providing a historical overview, rationale for and definition of arts in community health, before evaluating case studies and then addressing questions about research and future dirtections…. I added this book to the Master of Arts in Arts-Health reading list and urge other course leaders to do the same.  Arts in community health researcher-practitioners, artists, doctors, nurses, therapists, academics, related professionals and the public should find White’s book stimulatiing, engaging, informative, and enjoyable”.

The Journal of Arts & Health (1:3 2010) observes: “White offers validity through research and application into the role of arts in varied health care situations…White’s ability to professionallly balance personal and practical information can be used to model arts programs in varied disciplines and environments”, and the July 2010 issue of Crucible, the Journal of Christian Social Ethics comments “What this valuable book does is to fill in much imaginative and empirical detail in a key piece of the jigsaw relating to the creative relationships between art (or culture) and the health of persons and communities”.

A few more sales and I might have a credible case for a re-print with an update to take in recent developments in arts in health and medical humanities since 2009.  It would a lot easier than trying to write another book.

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