From Glacier Hiking to Hospital Clowns:  Arts and Health in the Contemporary Norwegian Context

In Norway the arts in health scene has expanded quite dramatically in recent years with the result that new approaches to health care have become more accepted. The Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Health and Care Service in Norway recently recognised the potential of arts in health and acknowledged the need for more research (Meld St. 10, 2011-2012). ‘Be Moved’ is an international collaboration between the UK and Norway, examining how the arts may usefully be applied to the health and care sector. The work draws on the critical investigation of arts and health in the UK to examine emerging practices in Norway which, in turn, will feed back into a wider understanding of the potential of arts in health processes.

As part of the ‘Be Moved’ initiative, and in collaboration with Centre for International Performance and Theatre Research (CIPTR), Senter for Art Production (SEANSE), and the Norwegian Embassy in London are hosting an event to showcase Norwegian artists working within this sector. The event will take place on *Thursday 25th September 2014, 6-8.30pm. *

The event will be facilitated by Dr Wenche Torrissen and Dr Marit Ulvund from Volda University College, Norway and Dr Emma Brodzinski from Royal Holloway, University of London (author of *Theatre in Health and Care)*. The session will explore new Norwegian government initiatives such as ‘The Cultural Rucksac’ and ‘The Cultural Walking Stick’ as well as projects situated within NGOs (non-governmental organisations) and work that seeks to challenge existing structures entirely and open up new perspectives on health and well-being. A panel of invited artists will share their work and consider the particular problems and possibilities afforded by the current Norwegian climate. After the presentations there will be time for questions from the floor as well as opportunities for more informal discussion during a drinks reception.


To confirm your interest in the event please email: before 1st August 2014.


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