As part of the public lecture series, ‘The Recovery of Beauty’, the Centre for Medical Humanities, the Department of English Studies, and the Institute of Advanced Studies of Durham University is hosting an interview with the Director of the Birmingham Royal Ballet and choreographer, David Bintley, CBE. This will take place on Wednesday 13th March, at 6.15. (Venue to be confirmed.) The event will be suitable for advanced secondary school pupils, taking Dance at GCSE or A level.
David Bintley is one of the most distinguished figures in British ballet. Formerly a dancer himself, distinguished in character roles from the Fokine/Stravinsky Petrushka to the comedy of an Ugly Sister in Ashton’s Cinderella, he has been director of the Birmingham Royal Ballet since 1995. His choreographies for the BRB and the Royal Ballet have been extensively performed. His many works include the social comedy of Hobson’s Choice (1989), the political ecology of ‘Still Life’ at the Penguin Café (1988), the adventurous and original subjects of Edward II (1995) and the two-part Arthur (2000, 2002), and retellings of myth and fairy-tale – Sylvia (2009), Cinderella (2011). He has choreographed commissioned works for the Stuttgart Ballet and the National Ballet of Japan, of which he is also Artistic Director.
The interview will be concerned with a range of topics connected with the overall theme of the series, ‘The Recovery of Beauty’, and in reference to Bintley’s ballets such as ‘Still Life’ at the Penguin Café, Hobson’s Choice, and Cinderella, all of which are currently available on DVD.
All are welcome to attend. Entry is free. School teachers who would like to bring a group of GCSE or A-level students should contact Professor David Fuller:

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