Added program details: ‘The day will include a performance work-in-progress by Jonathan Heron.’  Visit the Symposium website for details.

This event, run under the aegis of the AHRC Modernism, Medicine and the Embodied Mind project, will explore experiences of ageing and dementia from a number of perspectives–medical, literary, philosophical, literary, and performative–thinking in particular about the embodied experience of old age and dementia, the perceived assault on identity and selfhood that ageing can entail, and the ways in which literature, philosophy and the experiential knowledge offered in and through performance might help counter the conceptual ‘black hole’ (Gilleard and Higgs 2010) that can seem to surround advanced old age.

Speakers include:

Friday March 18th 2016, Milburn House, University of Warwick, 10am-5pm 

The full programme can be found online. The event is free but places are limited, please email Dr Liz Barry  to register.


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