The Leverhulme project on Bioethics and Biopolitics presents:
Ageing and Dying: An international workshop
The University of Warwick in Venice
Palazzo Pesaro Papafava, Calle de la Rachetta, Cannaregio 3764, Venice, Italy.

Speakers include

  • Keith Ansell-Pearson (University of Warwick)– “An Epicurean Attachment to Life: Nietzsche on the Banality of Death ».
  • Frédéric Worms (Université de Lille3/CIEPFC) – “Ageing as a vital relationship”
  • Pier Giorgio Donatelli (Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”) – “Human life in the first person”
  • Tom Kirkwood (University of Newcastle ) – “What makes us die? A biogerontological perspective on the end of life.”
  • Guillaume Le Blanc (Université Bordeaux) – “Right to die and Grievability”.
  • Howard Caygill (Kingston University, London) – “The Disguises of Age: Genet’s Prisoner of Love”
  • Christina Howells (University of Oxford ) – “A Portrait of Death: Mortality and Aesthetics in the work of Jean-Luc Nancy”
  • Steve Fuller (University of Warwick) – “Changing attitudes towards ageing and dying and the classical sociological problem of generations”
  • Claudia Stein (University of Warwick) – “Disciplining and Regulation Birth and Death: The Formation of Biopower in Eighteenth-Century Germany”
  • Paul-Antoine Miquel (Université de Toulouse) – “The landscapes of ageing”

For more information and to register please visit the conference web site.


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