The Durham Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies is delighted to announce the launch of the ‘Abnormality Research Network’. The network (stemming from the ‘Abnormality and the Abnormal in the Nineteenth Century conference) is a postgraduate-led initiative intended to broaden the impact of postgraduate research across disciplines and institutions, and beyond the academy. The network provides a space for innovative approaches to the boundaries between, and continuities in the concept of ‘abnormality’ as it has developed across disciplines from the early modern period to the present day. You can follow the network blog and on their twitter account.

If you would be interested in writing anything for the blog (a review of the conference, a piece about something you’re working on, something related to abnormality which you found interesting, etc.) then please contact them via email. We would love to hear any suggestions! Please also spread this to any friends and colleagues who may be interested and have similar ‘abnormal’ research interests, anywhere from the early modern period to the present.


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