Jayne Sellick writes: A new and exciting exhibition is currently being held at Newcastle’s Centre for Life until March 25th 2011. ‘Abnormal: Towards a Scientific Model of Disability’ was developed by Ju Gosling as part of her residency at the National Institute of Medical Research, funded by the Wellcome Trust.

Working along side two medical research scientists, conversations explored how perceptions of science and scientists affect society’s attitude towards and treatment of disabled people.

Illustrating the relationships between disability, society, science and medicine, the exhibition was produced as a result of these conversations and addresses a further model of Disability, the Scientific Model of Disability.

There are two other events taking place in conjunction with the exhibition. The first is a discussion panel on the evening of Wednesday 23rd March –Does Society want Science to Understand Disability or Eradicate it?’

**Booking is essential **

The second is a workshop with the artist on Saturday 26th March from 11am to 4pm; however, this event is smaller. If you are particularly keen to attend, please let me know, as the organisers have offered to increase its capacity, if there is sufficient demand.


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