The S Factor (A Poem by Sandy Jeffs)

The S Factor For Heidi Sometimes Craziness creates a Heightened Illumination of the Zeitgeist Originality its Privilege Humour its Revenge Every outsider Nonconformist work of art is an Ingenious Act of lunacy. © Sandy Jeffs 2013 Sandy Jeffs is an Australian poet and community educator. Her memoir Flying with Paper […]

Cold Chemical Comfort (A Poem by Sandy Jeffs)

Cold Chemical Comfort After Wislawa Szymborska I’m an antipsychotic I mend broken minds Let me turn your paranoia into trust Your confusion into clarity I’ll expel those voices And tame your wild delusions I’ll numb your pain and deaden your anxiety I know how to lighten your load In the […]

Congratulations (A Poem by Sandy Jeffs)

Congratulations (There are more voices in the debate over what is/causes schizophrenia than are in my head. It is a madness of theory. Who has the sane voice?) Congratulations, you are a member Of one per cent of the population Now that you have schizophrenia let me tell you Your […]

If this is a post-schizophrenia world, then who the hell am I?

As the UK Schizophrenia Commission works towards its 2012 report on Schizophrenia in England, Australian poet, editor and community educator Sandy Jeffs, author of Flying with Paper Wings: Reflections on Living with Madness, reflects on how attitudes to schizophrenia have changed during her lifetime: Schizophrenia, you have schizophrenia. Shit, schizophrenia, […]