UK Artists posting from Western Australia

James Allott and Christina Ingram are the UK-based artists currently on placement in Western Australia. Here is their first post: Saturday 13th October We’ve arrived!! After our 19 hour flight we have made it to Australia with no problems. As we were landing the pilot mentioned over the tannoy that […]

Medical Humanities in Australia

The Centre for Medical Humanities in Sydney has just published its January 2011 Newsletter, February 2011 Newsletter, and March 2011 Newsletter. The Centre, run by the marvellous Dr Claire Hooker, a specialist in the history of health and medicine as well as the medical humanities, plays a central role in […]

Call for Review: ‘Scurvy: The Disease of Discovery’ by Jonathan Lamb

The Centre for Medical Humanities is delighted to offer Scurvy (Jonathan Lamb, 2016) for review, which explores the relations between disease and ‘discovery.’ Further information about the themes under study can be found at Princeton University Press. Expressions of interest are welcome from across the medical humanities. Scurvy, a disease often associated with long stretches of maritime […]

‘Illness as many Narratives: Arts, Medicine and Culture’ reviewed by Drs Claire Hooker and Scott Fitzpatrick

‘Illness as many Narratives: Arts, Medicine and Culture’ by Stella Bolaki (Edinburgh University Press, 2016). Following our initial call for clinical and academic reviews of ‘Illness as many Narratives,’ Drs Claire Hooker and Scott Fitzpatrick offer their perspectives as researchers in the broader field of the medical humanities. You can see the accompanying review from a clinical […]