Wellbeing and the Life Course: Intercultural and Intergenerational Perspectives (Symposium, University of Sussex, 24/25 September 2015)

A symposium to launch the new Centre for Innovation and Research in Wellbeing Conference Centre, Bramber House, University of Sussex Co-hosted with Young Lives at the University of Oxford, this two-day event seeks to foster intercultural perspectives on wellbeing and the life course by bringing together researchers working in a […]

Thinking Feeling: Critical Theory, Culture, Feeling (Registrations Open, Conference, Sussex, May 18-19 2012)

Thinking Feeling: Critical Theory, Culture, Feeling 18th -19th May 2012 University of Sussex £65 (waged)/£35 (unwaged) Keynote speakers: Timothy Bewes (Brown), “The Surge: Turning Away From Affect”; Eva Illouz (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), “Why Emotions are Crucial to Capitalism”; Ben Highmore (Sussex), “Mood Work”; Alex Düttmann (Goldsmiths), “The Feeling of Life.” […]

Farewell to the CMH Blog

Founding Editor Angela Woods writes… It’s the end of era! Eight years and over 2500 posts later, the Centre for Medical Humanities blog is shutting up shop. In it’s place and launching tomorrow, Thursday 14 September, a new site called The Polyphony  will publish essays, reviews and provocations from across […]

Vulnerability and the Politics of Care: Cross-Disciplinary Dialogues (Conference, British Academy London, 9-10 February 2017)

The words ‘vulnerability’ and ‘care’ are increasingly used to describe everything from economies to ecosystems, health to human rights. Vulnerability is a fundamental aspect of the human condition, giving rise to the need for care. Yet, we are not all vulnerable in the same way, nor are our vulnerabilities equally recognised. Moreover, […]

Medical Objects: An Interdisciplinary Workshop (Birkbeck School of Arts, 13 July 2016)

An interdisciplinary enquiry into objects in medicine, featuring papers on medical technologies, texts, therapies and research objects, and the theoretical and disciplinary questions they raise. SPEAKERS Dr Barry Murnane (Oxford University) ‘The Pharmacology of Medical Things’ Dr Harriet Cooper (UEA) ‘Medical Objects, Medical Subjects: Some Reflections on Disciplinary Objectives and […]

Patient experiences as a resource for choice & decision-making in health (Talk, University of Oxford, 22 June 2015)

‘Patient experiences as a resource for choice & decision-making in health’ is an event being organised by The Health Experiences Research Group at the University of Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Primary Care and healthtalk.org at the Geological Society, London from 17:30 until 19:30 on June 22nd 2015. Speakers: Sue Ziebland, NIHR […]

‘‘Post-AIDS’ and Global Health Discourses (Symposium, University of Leeds, 27 February 2015)

Interdisciplinary Perspectives’ Symposium: a Medical Humanities symposium supported by the Wellcome Trust Symposium overview: Ideas of a ‘post-AIDS’ future have gained momentum in the global north despite the continuing effects of HIV/AIDS in the global south in particular. While assessing the ways in which ‘post-AIDS’ is being interpreted across a […]