LeonardoThe OEDb (Online Education Database) have just published a list of the 50 best blogs for Humanities Scholars. It is a fantastic resource for aspiring and established scholars alike, and a real reminder of the growing role of the blogsphere in not just showcasing but also furthering discussion across humanities disciplines. We at the Centre for Medical Humanities are delighted to have been included in this impressive line-up (especially as we have only been going for six months!) and would like to thank all contributors and readers of the blog. As the OEDb observes: “This list, though it compiles some of the most interesting blogs on the internet, only delivers but a sliver of the amazing intellectual gems to be found online.” So happy searching, and happy reading…!


Peter Jones · July 14, 2011 at 10:40 pm

Thanks for this list – excellent!
“Welcome to the QUAD” may be of interest (not as a top 50 entry!) but a relevant and eclectic mix of health, nursing, informatics and some philosophy – on ‘information’ and a health and social care conceptual framework – with generic potential.

Kind regards,
Hodges Health Career – Care Domains – Model
h2cm: help 2C more – help 2 listen – help 2 care

Centre for Medical Humanities · July 15, 2011 at 8:35 am

Hi Peter. Many thanks for your comments and for the links! All best, Angela

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