KCL-LogoKnowledge of oneself — skin, breasts, blood sugar, oxygen saturation, genetic profile, heart rate, weight, state of mind — plays an increasing role in health care as patients are encouraged to take charge of their own health. Self-knowledge can be useful, worthless, or even detrimental. How do we get self-knowledge? How do we learn to use it and what are the obstacles? We may use self-knowledge to avoid or treat illness, but can illness also teach us about ourselves?

  • 3 May 9:00-5:30, reception to follow, Greenwood Lecture Theatre, Guy’s Campus, King’s College London
  • 4 May 9:00-5:00, Harris Lecture Theatre, Hodgkin Building, Guy’s Campus, King’s College London

Free event, all welcome, no booking. Please download the flyer for more information on the symposium.


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