The Transatlantic Connections Conference is a unique event, which gathers together academics, experts and local guests  to discuss the connections between Ireland, the US and the world, in an interdisciplinary context. The Transatlantic Connections Conference is  hosted by The Institute of Study Abroad Ireland, which is based in Bundoran, Co. Donegal. The conference begins on the evening of January 13th, with a welcome by Congressman Bruce Morrison. This will be followed by a Keynote address by Professor Christine Kinealy, and music by The Henry Girls.  From Thursday January 14th through to Saturday January 16th, there are a range of panels and cultural workshops which explore a variety of topics, including Peace Studies, Diaspora Studies, Literature, Medical Humanities, Music, Creative Arts, Surf Culture, Multi-Media, Irish Language and History.

January 14th is the day for medical humanities presentations

BUNDORAN CINEPLEX SCREEN A    9-10.30 A.M. | MEDICAL HUMANITIES | Chair: Dr. Philip Scibilia

  • Christine Chiosi: Illness as a Foreign Territory
  • Tara Jenner: Birthing Understanding: The Female Experience of Infertility
  • Maria Lupo: Healing Arts Program within a Medical System

11-12.30 P.M. | MEDICAL HUMANITIES | Chair: Dr. Philip Scibilia

  • Francis  Kewene: Verbatim Theatre:  its potential use within an undergraduate medical curriculum
  • Lise Cooper: Changing the Landscape: Volunteer Retired Nurses Add Innovation to Patient Care
  • Jessica  Nickrand: Educating the Public in Medical Humanities:  Emerging Ethical Dilemmas and Policy Issues in Science and Technology

1-4.30 P.M.  | The transgenerational impact of the trauma of the Troubles on mental health and suicide in Northern Ireland.                 

Professor Brendan Bunting
Professor Ciaran Mulholland
Mr. David Bolton
Professor Jonathan Golden
Dr. Philip Scibilia
Dr. Sam Murphy
Dr. Cherie Armour
Professor Siobhan O’Neill

For more details, please visit the conference details online or contact the conference co-chair Tara Jenner.





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