ebola-500pxThe outbreak of Ebolavirus disease, which spread widely across three West African nations in 2014, and the delay and subsequent difficulty controlling it, offered a sobering preview of the potential impacts of other emerging or drug resistant infectious diseases in the twenty first century. This symposium will examine how socioeconomic, cultural and political systems contribute to the emergence, transmission and control of infectious diseases. Instead of focusing on pathogens and infection control measures, this symposium will explore the contexts that contribute to infectious disease outbreaks and to surviving them.

This event will be of interest to colleagues and students, health policymakers, government officials, public health practitioners, clinicians and other interested people.

The Politics and Ethics of Infection node of the Marie Bashir Institute would like to invite you to attend the free half day symposium Structures of Survival: Managing emerging infectious diseases in the twenty first century, concluding with a Sydney Ideas lecture given by Dr Rick Brennan, Director of WHO’s Department of Emergency Risk Management and Humanitarian Response.

Thursday, 10 December 2015, 1.30 pm – 7 pm, 
New Law School Lecture Theatre 101, University of Sydney (Camperdown campus)

Coffee, tea, drinks and some light food is provided. Please register here to attend.

Attached are descriptions of the symposium and of particular interest, details of the first session, Novel learning methods to improve hospital infection control.



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