Ethics, Affect and Responsibility: Global Citizenship and the Act of Reading (Workshop, University of Bristol, 17 September 2016)

How does reading contribute to – and sometimes detract from – our ability to act as truly global citizens in the 21st century? What can literature do to encourage participation in activist movements? By what means might literature help develop a greater understanding of the lives of our far-flung others? Ethics, Affect and Responsibility: Global Read more…

Call for Papers

Vice and Virtue: the Rise of Self-Tracking Technologies and the Moralising of ‘Health’ Behaviours (CfP, Switzerland, 10-13 May 2016

Attendance for this seminar, located at the Brocher Foundation in Switzerland, is free but registration is essential as places are limited. Please email Becky Brown if you would like to attend. Seminar Abstract A growing market for new digital technologies, including ‘wearable technology,’ smart phone apps, and other self-monitoring devices, Read more…

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