Call for Papers

Matters of the Mind: The Materialities of Mental Ill-Health and Distress (CfP, Edited Volume, 22 May 2016)

Volume edited by Anna Lavis (University of Birmingham) and Karin Eli (University of Oxford) From medications to diagnostic manuals, somatic sensations to brain images, the landscape of mental health and illness is replete with diverse materialities. Against the background of a wider ‘material turn’ across the social sciences and humanities, Read more…

Call for Papers

Voices of Madness, Voices of Mental ill-health (CfP, Centre for Health Histories, University of Huddersfield, 15th- 16th Sept 2016)

In the thirty years since Roy Porter called on historians to lower their gaze so that they might better understand patient-doctor roles in the past, historians have sought to place the voices of previously, silent, marginalised and disenfranchised individuals at the heart of their analyses. Contemporaneously, the development of service Read more…

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