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Psychosomatic illness in popular culture (CfP, Edited Collection, 26 February 2016)

Medically unexplained symptoms, hysteria, neurasthenia, hypochondria, psychogenic illness, somatic symptoms, functional illness, malingering—there is ongoing debate amongst specialists in medicine, psychology, sociology, and the medical humanities about how to classify, diagnose, treat, and explain disorders affecting body and mind. Meanwhile, in popular culture, these terms are misunderstood, unknown, or rejected outright—what was Read more…


Hypochondria and the Refashioning of Medical Uncertainty – Catherine Belling (Workshop, Northumbria University, 12 October 2012)

Fashionable Diseases: Medicine, Literature and Culture, ca. 1660-1832 is a new Leverhulme-funded project at Northumbria and Newcastle Universities. On 12th October, Dr Catherine Belling will be speaking on ‘Hypochondria and the Refashioning of Medical Uncertainty’ at the first of a series of project workshops. Belling is Assistant Professor of Medical Read more…

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