Conferences and Symposiums

The Subject of Addiction: Culture & Clinic (Conference, Nottingham, 8-9 September 2014)

The Subject of Addiction: Culture and Clinic The Centre for Critical Theory, University of Nottingham This conference is taking place at the University of Nottingham on the 8th and 9th of September 2014. This interdisciplinary event brings together critical and cultural theorists with clinical practitioners in order to interrogate contemporary addiction discourse, Read more…

Seminars and Lectures

Pathologies of the Postmodern: Pat Waugh and Angela Woods Café Philosophique Event (Newcastle, 7pm, 18 March 2013)

Pathologies of the postmodern Professor Patricia Waugh and Dr Angela Woods, Durham University, will investigate the pathologies, mental and physical, epidemic and imagined, that have particular resonance in postmodern culture. What do they tell us about ourselves, our fears and anxieties? This event is part of Café Culture’s season of Read more…

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