Conferences and Symposiums

Examining the utility of music interventions for children with learning disabilities (Conference, London, 28 November 2016)

Live Music Now and the Royal Society of Medicine invite you to their second joint conference. This all-day event will explore the topic of music interventions in medicine, further to increased research scrutiny into arts and music activities for children with learning disabilities. Music is a source of stimulation and of reflection Read more…

Arts in Health

Beyond evidence: theorising arts and health (ESRC Seminar, Glasgow University, 24 April 2014)

Beyond evidence:  theorising arts and health ESRC Seminar 24 April 2014 Glasgow University In a deliberately provocative intervention to the emerging health-and-arts field, this day seminar engages social theoretical resources in order to help elaborate how researchers and practitioners might experiment epistemologically in ways that encourage a movement ‘beyond scientism’ Read more…

Centre for Medical Humanities